American Idol: Top 8 Perform

When did Idol get down to the Top 8? I missed the show last week because…I forget why, but there was a reason. I swear it. But now we’re already down to the Top 8? Fox is really burning through this final season of Idol, except for the eleventy weeks of early audition rounds that were not at all a waste of time. This is why people hate you, American Idol.

So, they’re showing us the bottom three, as voted by US last week. Harry, Keith, and J-Lopes pick one person to stick around.

First person through, based on our votes is…Dalton, singing “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons. My daughter likes him because he looks “cool,” so there’s my future in heart attacks. This song was not great for his voice, especially the low notes. The first verse was abysmal. It got better on the chorus, marginally. Methinks his 1.000 batting average just went down a scootch.

Second one through…Lee Jean, singing “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon: His hair? All I can think of is Cool Guy Tips from How I Met Your Mother. The arrangement was nothing special, but his voice sounded nice on this song, and his whole being is adorable.

Intermission for Demi Lovato to sing with all the girl contestants for some reason because this show isn’t long enough.

Third one…Sonika Vaid, singing “Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson: A little pitchy to start, dawg. Too low for her on the verse. Her voice is nowhere near as big as K-Clark’s, so…I don’t know. It was fine, but not great. Props for hitting that high note, though.

Fourth one…MacKenzie Bourg, singing “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)” by Whitney Houston: Interesting choice of song and he definitely “made it his own,” which wasn’t great on the verse and also not great on the chorus. This version song doesn’t make me want to dance with anybody. It’s elevator Whitney.

Fifth one…La’Porsha, singing “Halo” by Beyonce: I love her hair/outfit/whole package. If anyone can tackle Beyonce (not literally) it’s La’Porsha. Not my most favorite vocal performance from her, but she looks GREAT.

Intermission AGAIN, Harry Connick, Jr. sings a thing. I wish he’d said his wife’s name like Chandler says it. 

Sixth one…Trent Harmon, singing “When a Man Loves a Woman” by Michael Bolton: This was actually a very nice, cheese-filled performance. I continue to like this dude when he avoids singing country music.

Seventh one…Tristan McIntosh, singing “Go Rest High on a Mountain” by Vince Gill: Playing the piano, good for her. Her voice sounded good. This song (or this arrangement) really does nothing for me, though.

Eighth one…Avalon Young, singing “Earned It” by The Weeknd: Her voice sounds pretty good tonight, but her performances still read as phony to me, very karaoke. And when her voice goes higher, I find it very unpleasant.

Ninth one…Olivia Rox, “Trouble” by Pink: This is one of the better performances I’ve seen from Ms. Rox. It felt fairly legitimate from a seventeen-year-old girl on an Idol stage. I’d cool it with the Mariah-wannabe high notes, though.

Tenth one…Gianna Isabella, singing “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys: Her voice is so tinny. There’s no richness in her higher register. Really bad last note. Really bad. 

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