The Fuller House preview is here and now I hate myself

I want to hate Fuller House, the Full House spinoff coming to Netflix at the end of the month. I want to be above it. I’m not a fan of Candace Cameron-Bure, and her involvement in the show all but insures that this sequel will be more wholesome and saccharine than the original — which feels like it should be an impossible feat!

Yet. I found myself smiling during the girls’ interview on Ellen and I definitely may have chuckled at some Kimmy Gibbler antics in the trailer. I’m only human.

’90s nostalgia is at a fever pitch, and maybe I’m just riding the wave. The new X-Files episodes haven’t been groundbreaking in any way, but they have managed to recapture the feeling of the original series. The People vs. OJ Simpson is the new love of my life. Jurassic World, while not my favorite movie of last year, felt reminiscent of the first film without devolving into snark, camp, or parody.

Fuller House seems to fit in with the brand of earnest nostalgia I’ve been craving. We liked the things we liked in 1994 because we liked them, because they intrigued us, not because we viewed them with a detached amusement. I like liking things. I give liking things four stars.


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