American Idol Recap: Showcase #2 -- Judges Vote

Tonight everyone sang “star” duets with former Idol “greats.”

Lauren Alaina and Emily Brooke, “Flat on the Floor” by Carrie Underwood: I remember Lauren Alaina. She was from the last season I recapped. She was…not my favorite. Both of these girls were fifteen when they auditioned. That’s really young. There’s so much spray tan on the young one’s thighs. And a spotty job of it. Emily got lost up there singing against Lauren. Ugh. Lauren’s advice to be clumsy. Shut up.

Nick Last Year’s Winner and Thomas Stringfellow, “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson: Aww, Stringfellow got dumped before coming to Hollywood. Poor kid, smart girlfriend. He held his own against the other dude, who was pitchy.

Ruben Studdard and Stephany Negrete, “Superstar” by The Carpenters: They sounded nice together. But, I mean, it’s Ruben. He’s aural sex.

Caleb Johnson and Sonika Vaid, “Skyfall” by Adele: Her voice is nowhere near as big as Adele’s, so that’s tough. But it did sound richer tonight than last night. Lite Meat Loaf is fine to pretty darn good. I’d never heard him sing before.

Scotty McCreery and Jenna Whatever, “See You Tonight” by Scotty McCreary: Ugh, this song. That’s all I’ve got.

Fantasia and La’Porsha, “Summertime” from Porgy and Bess: I didn’t write anything because I was too busy experiencing. La’Porsha is my favorite.

Lauren Alaina and MacKenzie Bourg, “I Hope You Dance” by Leeanne Rimes: This song does not fit MacKenzie even a little bit.

Nick and Gianna Isabella: I really don’t like this guy. Gianna is good.

Ruben and Avalon Young, “Flying Without Wings” by The Idol Powers That Be: This girl’s voice just isn’t that good. And she has no stage presence. She’s like a high school senior who just stumbled up on that stage.

Caleb and James VIII, “Gimme Shelter” by The Rolling Stones: James VIII is totally upstaged by Lite Meat Loaf.

Scotty and Jeneve Rose Mitchell, “Gone” by Montgomery Gentry: She’s better than this. This was an abomination.

Fantasia and Jordan Sasser, “I Believe” by Fantasia: This guy is the definition of “I can’t.”


Safe: La’Porsha, Sonika, Avalon (nope; disagree), Gianna, Thomas, MacKenzie, Jeneve

Buh-bye: All the rest of you
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