American Idol Recap: Hollywood Round Part 3

It’s pick and learn to perform it with the Idol band night. It well help the judges see who has what it takes to sing with full backup.

(I crossed out the people who are out for sure.)

Stepheny Negrete: Dad recently had heart surgery. She’s jealous of the minors, who have their parents with them. “Set Fire to the Rain.” Didn’t get all the words, methinks. Didn’t really bring anything new to the song and doesn’t have a better voice than Adele, so. She’s a pretty girl, though.

Olivia Rox: Sang an original song. WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS?

John Wayne (I think that’s his name?): Lost his cowboy hat. Oh noes! Sang a Keith Urban song. WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS?

Mackenzie Bourge: Another original song. WHO DO THESE PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE? JOHN MAYER? Actually, I’m pretty sure this guy does think he’s John Mayer.

Shelbie Z: “Alone” by Heart. She has a big voice, but it’s stuck somewhere in her throat.

Kory Wheeler: Put his own spin on come Coldplay while wearing a flannel shirt. I’ll allow it.

James VIII: My son likes him. I think he mostly likes the “eighth” part of his name.

Tristan McIntosh: I covet her skirt. Beyond that, I do like her voice a lot, but we need to stop talking about the mom stuff, post haste. Tristan is good enough that she doesn’t need the sob story.

Sonika Vaid: Her voice sounded weak today. She’s fine, but her lower register is underdeveloped.

Lee Jean: This guy is super talented. I enjoy him.

Sara Sturm: She has an interesting voice and I am totally shipping her and Lee Jean so I hope they stay in the competition forever.

Jenn Blosil: Fine performance of “True Colors.” Terrible overalls.

Emily Brooke: She’s fine. Carrie Underwood lite.

Malie Delgado: Bronchitis, but she sounded great until the high note.

Mionne Destiny: Voice issues, giving her a Phoebe Bouffay “Sticky Shoe” situation, which everyone digs.

Jessica Cabral: She has a powerful voice to match her statement necklace.

Joshua Wicker: Ugh. One of the annoying dads. He’s better than the other annoying dad, though. I’ll give him that much. But not great, Bob.

CJ Johnson: My son thinks he’s good. He likes his voice. It sounds like he’s doing rock.

Geneva Rose Mitchell: Cello girl. No cello this time. Her voice is very cool.

Dalton Rappaton: Very drama, much Green Day.

And now the judges decide who will be the finalists. At least we can be sure that such an important decision is in capable hands.
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