American Idol Recap: Auditions, San Francisco and Little Rock

Let’s look at whom we might see again, shall we?

Cameron Richard, 15, from the bayou: Um, I adore him. His voice is a little high, but it’s so clear and he manages to stay right on pitch. Plus, he seems like a delightful person. Yes, please.

Daniel Farmer, 24, Memphis: Soothing voice. Too much fawning over J-Lo. I completely forgot he existed after hearing…

Dalton Rapattoni, 19, School of Rock teacher from Dallas: He sang “Phantom of the Opera” while playing an acoustic guitar and, dog help me, I loved it.

La’Porsha Renae, 22, Mississippi: Though her runs rendered the second half of the song virtually unrecognizable, La’Porsha did deliver me my first arm chills of the season.

Trent Harmon, 24, farm-to-table restaurant guy: I was right there with J-Lo. I figured he was country and almost tuned out. But then he started singing, whoa, the R&B flavor. Damn, Arkansas auditions. You had me fooled. I’m rooting for all these folks.

Brook Sample, 28, AZ: She’s a waitress who looks like Tiffani-Amber Theissen, 90210 years. She has a very nice voice. She’s just not as exciting as the Little Rock people, sorry.

QUICK HIT: Jessica Clark: The Craft

QUICK HIT: Ameet Kanon: Flannel around the waist like a high school girl in 1994

QUICK HIT: Kayla Mickelson, Geneva, IL: Lisa Loeb clothes

Melanie Tierce (or something like that; I got lost in her eyes): Coachella Florence Welch, but in good way.

Malie Delgado, AK: She’s…fine. I’m with Harry. She’s nothing we haven’t seen before. I’m sure she’s a lovely person.

Brandyn Burnette, 25: Cute, very good singer, good piano player, gamely put up with the judges’ shenanigans.

Kyrsti Jewel, 15, from wherever: Parents love this show like whoa, good voice, not very pleasant tone, too many affectations. I think she needs a few years to mature.

Tristan McIntosh, 15, TN: Mom stunt aside because ugh (don’t worry, I already know my heart is dead and cold), she’s really talented and has a wonderfully mature voice and disposition for 15.


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