Put your damn Ws away

Put your damn Ws away

What about the past century+ do people not understand?

These are the Cubs.

I mean, they are (or they WERE before this terrible NLCS series) happier, less angst-ridden Cubs, but they’re still Cubs. We’re still Chicago. We still get all het up when things are going well and we retreat into despair (and boots full of beer) when they inevitably go south.

Could we still win this thing? Sure. The Red Sox did it in 2004. It’s not unpossible, if it is unlikely.

But all of you with the goddamn Ws are not helping things. You’re tempting fate, and that kind of nonsense doesn’t work out well for us here. Fate has been kind of a dick to us since 1908.

Ws are for winners. Ws are for wins. Ws are not for “Jeepers I hope we win tonight. Wouldn’t that be nice?”

Lady waving your W towel at the game when we were losing by THREE RUNS? PUT IT AWAY.

School with your fancy new light up sign boasting a digital, waving W flag? CHANGE THAT SHIT.

People too lazy to put your W flag away in the morning? Haul your ass outside and TAKE DOWN THAT FLAG.

All the premature Ws are saying, “We have this in the bag. It’s our year. Back to the Future said it, and movies are never wrong.” We look like idiots. We look like we haven’t been here before, and WE HAVE. Too many times.

Take nothing for granted. Ride the highs. Accept the lows when they come.

And put your damn Ws away.

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