The Head of "The Class"

John and I were watching David Simon’s new HBO miniseries last night (Show Me a Hero); and who should pop up but Jon Bernthal, AKA Shane, AKA The Class.

If that name doesn’t ring a bell yet, it will. He was Shane on The Walking Dead. He was in Fury and Me and Earl and the Dying Girl and a bunch of other stuff, and now he’s on a prestige David Simon project. Shane don’t play.

But before he was “Shane” to us, he was “The Class.”

“The Class” is what we called him throughout his tenure on The Walking Dead (It was only after he got zombie-turnt that he became “Shane” to us. Spoiler Alert). And even though he has this new identity, he’ll always be “The Class.” He was “The Class” when he popped up in The Wolf of Wallstreet and Netflix’s Daredevil. He is now and forever will be “The Class.”

What the hell is “The Class?”

The Class was a CBS sitcom from 2006-2007 about a third grade class that meets up some twenty-odd years later. It was terrible. I watched every single episode.

But the thing about The Class is, the cast was ridiculously good. Or, maybe they weren’t good on The Class, because The Class was shit, but they went on to do some very good, very high-profile things.

Pre-Class, they were (mostly) unfamiliar faces popping up here and there. Post-Class, they’ve gone to, well, the head of the Hollywood acting class. Let’s check them out. And RANK them.

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