This is how rumors get started

This is how rumors get started

This morning, when I was only about a quarter of a cup deep into my first cup of coffee, I saw the status update, “Lauren Hill died.”

Immediately I was like, “WHAAA?” I think that’s actually literally what I wrote under the post. Something like that. I start making plans to listen to my Fugees album on the way to work this morning. I start composing a tweet to one of my friends who JUST YESTERDAY talked about listening to The Miseducation.

No, I didn’t notice the “en” in place of the “yn.”

I jumped on Twitter and saw one person, and only one person, in my timeline talking about the death of “Lauren Hill.” I was like, wow, this is new. Is it a hoax? It’s probably a hoax.

I went to Google, nature’s news source, and searched for “Lauryn Hill.” No recent news. It’s probably a hoax, I thought. Don’t tweet yet.

I went to Twitter and searched for “Lauryn Hill.” What came up instead was a bunch of links to stories about a 19-year-old girl, a basketball player, who had just died after battling brain cancer.

My first thought was, “Oh, everybody’s got it wrong.”

Then I realized, no, I’ve got it wrong.

Everyone else was tweeting about this Lauren Hill (en). She was the Hill who was trending on Twitter. I had just completely missed this story.

I’m late to the party, but I read up on Lauren Hill, just because I felt I owed it to her. She played basketball for Mount St. Joseph’s. She scored both the first and last baskets in her school’s victory over Hiram College. She is a testament to living your life to the fullest as long as you have one. She touched many, many people with her strength. She did not, to my knowledge, win any Grammys or bear any of Bob Marley’s grandchildren.

Rest in peace, Lauren.

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