Game of Thrones Winners and Losers: High Sparrow

It’s hard not to look at this week’s Game of Thrones winners and losers and think, yup, all of this is going to be reversed in a few weeks’ time. Those who are up will be down, and those who are down will be up. There were a lot of false failures and successes this week. Sure, Alliser Thorne might think he’s riding high after being made First Ranger of the Night’s Watch, but what if he runs into white walkers while he’s back north of the Wall? And what about Theon? Theon could totally come into some money and meet a nice girl who doesn’t care about superficial things, like genitalia. No one is safe, and no one is doomed.

Here’s this week’s power list of tops and bottoms. Who’s your biggest winner this week?

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