The Walking Dead review: What happened was a whole lot of not much

The Walking Dead review: What happened was a whole lot of not much

I was going to write something about how this episode, the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead (“What Happened and What’s Going On?”) was a really long, drawn-out way of showing us how Tyreese lost his arm; but, alas, by the end of it, Tyreese had lost a whole lot more than just a limb.

If you’re keeping score at home, The Walking Dead had three The Wire actors, and now it’s down to one. Only Agent Father Carver Gabriel remains. And I’m still VERY CONCERNED about that rusty nail he stepped on last season.

This was, I guess, quite a way to start the season? I guess? To me, though, it felt like piling on after Beth’s death in the mid-season finale (not to mention Bob’s demise a few episodes earlier). Give us a minute, show, to mourn someone. You know you’re not the ACTUAL zombpocalypse, right? You don’t HAVE to kill a major character every episode in order to reach your weekly quota of brains? I don’t really get the “need” to kill off Tyreese, unless the actor wanted to go. He was one of the better, more complex character and I think he still had a story left to tell.

I suppose it’s all for shock value, but, again, with Beth dying just ONE EPISODE AGO, there’s such a thing as diminishing shock returns.

So, after this first episode of the second half of the season, all we’re left with, really, is a dead Tyreese and a new mission to actually go to Washington, which was what half the characters wanted to do a few episodes ago, anyway.


Since not much actually happened in this episode (save for us losing one of our beloved characters), let’s just run through some of the important bits:

1. Looks like Noah is going to be with us for a while, provided his leg holds up.

2. Noah finding his dead mom on the floor of their family living room was quite grim. Quite grim, indeed.

3. Michonne wants to find a place, any place, to stay. Rick is looking for a rent-controlled, three-bedroom beach front apartment with a view of the city skyline and a park for Daryl to run through.

4. It took Glenn FOREVER to find Maggie a season ago, now he’s willing to drive in separate cars 500 miles to Richmond, VA? Do you folks never learn?

5. Also, how did they get to Richmond with such little effort? It took them four seasons to get twenty minutes out of Atlanta, but crossing state lines? No problem.

6. Tyreese got a chance to say goodbye to many of the dead people in his life, but not his Carol-killed girlfriend. Sure, the Governor shows up, but not Karen.

7. It sucks that Tyreese had to die, but at least he got a chance to feel what it’s like to have his arm amputated before he went.

8. Now everyone is actually planning on heading to Washington, DC. I’m excited to see our Zeroes take over the White House. Daryl in the Oval Office!

What did you think? Did Tyreese’s death pack the punch it needed to?


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