21 Best Oscar Tweets 2015

I said I wasn’t going to be live tweeting the Oscars this year, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t creep on Twitter and favorite the best things I read all night.

The awards themselves came out nearly as expected. What wasn’t as expected was how jittery and off Neil Patrick Harris seemed in his role as host. He will not be back next year. That’s my locked-briefcase prediction. Please keep an eye on this post for the next nine months, thank you, Octavia Spencer.

What else…The show seemed intent on spoiling Gone Girl for all the people who haven’t seen/read it yet.

Miles Teller showing up as the drummer in NPH’s Birdman bit was the best planned comedic moment.

John Travolta giving himself more reason to apologize to Idina Menzel was the best unplanned comedic moment.

John Legend and Common were perfect in performance and acceptance speech and I’m starting a 2016 Clinton/Common campaign, thanks.

Lady Gaga proved to everyone (again) that she’s one talented singer.

Which is something we definitely already knew about Jennifer Hudson, but the Oscars felt it needed to remind us of that even though the show was already running insanely long.

People left off the In Memoriam bit: Elaine Stritch and Joan Rivers. I’ll give you this clip for Joan, her best movie moment.

Guillermo Del Toro needs to win Best Director next year to complete the Mexican trifecta. Or Chris Pine will cry.

Eddie Redmayne was the most adorably shocked winner.

Patricia Arquette was not shocked, but she was prepared to use her moment on stage as a rallying cry. Get it, Patricia Arquette. I didn’t love her in Boyhood, but I love her.

Whiplash won three awards. It’s available on video this week. SEE WHIPLASH.

Lego Movie proved that it doesn’t need your Oscars, it can make ITS OWN OSCARS.

What did you think of the Oscars this year?

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