Sorry, NFL. We'll be watching the Sky on Sunday.

Sorry, NFL. We'll be watching the Sky on Sunday.

I, admittedly, pay no attention to the WNBA.

That’s not saying much. I pay no attention to most sports these days. It’s all a bunch of whiny drama and hero worship. I listen to WGN a lot during the day, but I turn it off when the Cubs come on or whenever I hear the ominous words “Northwestern Wildcats.”

I don’t care about the Blackhawks or the Bears or the White Sox. I do like the Bulls, so there’s that. I love March Madness, but mostly just when Butler’s involved.

And the WNBA, hidden in the summer, sandwiched between hockey and football, overshadowed by two underperforming (most of the time) baseball teams, second banana to whatever nonsense is happening at Bears camp, only reported on when something huge happens, is never on my radar.

But now the Sky, Chicago’s WNBA team, has made the finals. They’ll be playing on Sunday against the Phoenix…I don’t know…Open Carries? (I have a few days to learn all the particulars.) This is the first time in franchise history that they’ve gone to the dance.

Who even knew that the Sky were in the finals? I sure didn’t. I was too busy watching a preview of Selfie┬álast night and sitting through commercials during the reboot of Ali G. I only heard about this accomplishment when my husband showed me the Tribune this morning. “Hey, look. The Sky is in the finals and they get this little blurb up here while some nonsense about two college schools no one went to gets 85% of the page.”

On the WGN Morning News, the Sky’s achievement came after a looooong segment about whether or not Lance Briggs was right to skip practice to open his new restaurant. They had an analyst on and snippets of an interview with Briggs being defensive about his choices and blah blah blah WE HAVE A PROFESSIONAL TEAM IN ITS LEAGUE FINALS.

But, yeah. I’m part of the problem. I’ve already admitted that I don’t pay attention. Nobody pays attention. Except Paul George. He was at the game in Indiana last night with about six other people. This merely proves the awesomeness of Paul George, which was never up for debate in the first place.

I’m paying attention now. The first game of the finals is on Sunday at 2:30 on ABC. It hasn’t been shoved to the Ocho or some other ESPN channel down the dial. It’s on a real network, right in the middle of the NFL’s first Sunday.

And because our city’s team is in the finals, and because I want my kids to see these strong women doing what they do, and because screw the NFL for being so shitty in so many ways, we’ll be watching the Sky.

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