Fall TV Review: Red Band Society

Fall TV Review: Red Band Society


Airs: Wednesdays at 9/8c on FOX

Premise: The Fault in Our Stars meets Glee. Kids with terminal illnesses live in hospital; hijinks ensue.

Behind the Scenes: Stars Oscar winner Octavia Spencer. She had been lined up for a Murder She Wrote reboot; but when that fell through, she read the pilot script for this show and thought it was one of the best she had read. Also stars David Annable and Thomas Ian Nicholas, who looks so old in this show, it will make you face your own mortality. Also, RICKIE from My So-Called Life. RICKIE FROM MY SO-CALLED LIFE!!!

The Good: RICKIE FROM MY SO-CALLED LIFE! The grown-ups in this show are pretty fantastic. Octavia Spencer is the tough-as-nails-nurse with a heart, and she manages to avoid making the role feel (too) cliche. The new patient, Jordi, is pretty adorable and his milkshake will bring all the teen girls to the yard.

The Bad: The tone is so Glee-like it scares me. (We all know how Glee turned out.) The kids, right now, feel under developed and too similar to each other. The worst one is the edgy (because she wears dark clothes and a New Kids hat) girl with an eating disorder. I don’t think the writers have figured out if they want her to be the brooding, quiet smartypants or the sassy, tough chick with all the one-liners. Or both. I’m also dubious about the narrator being a boy in a coma, especially when we learn he can interact with other characters when they are under anesthesia or have been knocked out.

Come Back Next Week? Sure

Grade: B
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