Fantasy League Loser Makes Calendar. World Laughs.

Fantasy League Loser Makes Calendar. World Laughs.

This one dude lost his fantasy league. I don’t know what sport.

As loser of the league, he had to make a calendar of himself in various famous poses, photoshopped into various famous pictures, his less-than-perfect physique on full display.

And it’s hilarious. It really is funny and creative. Kudos to him and his friends for coming up with such an ingenious way to punish the league loser.

The comments on his Instagram are all positive, at least as far as I saw. He’s commended for his humor. News outlets are begging him to contact them.

My theory was that folks wouldn’t have the same positive reaction to a woman of size rocking the same poses. I’m sure there’d be some “Go, girl” remarks, or their 2014 equivalent, but I’d be willing to bet that there’d be many more comments along the line of “Gross” or “Put it away.” Because women have to be Courtney Thorne-Smith, while it’s fine for men to be Jim Belushi, if you were looking for an up-to-date pop culture reference.

When I went to Google looking for fat lady calendars, I was sidetracked by this. It’s the Bari-chunks calendar and it’s a response to fat-shaming in the opera world and the fact that there’s a group called the “Bari-hunks,” which discusses the positive physical attributes of some male opera singers. But, as far as I can tell, fans of the Bari-hunks don’t go out of their way to disparage the Bari-chunks.

I decided to check out this “fat-shaming” opera scandal, to see what that was all about. Apparently, when a mezzo named when Tara Erraught performed in Der Rosenkavalier in London earlier this year, she was described as “stocky,” “dumpy,” and “a bundle of puppy fat” by critics (Maybe that last one was meant to be a compliment, because puppies.)

I scanned a few articles looking for evidence that opera’s men were also being fat-shamed. Nothing. Just a lot of women being made fun of for how their bodies look and not praised for the miraculous sounds they’re able to produce. No matter that she’s at the top of her profession, it all boils down to a woman’s appearance.

A guy posing for a calendar to show solidarity for his female counterparts feels patronizing to me. Dude, you don’t get it. You can’t get it. A naked fat guy on a calendar is not the same as a woman who’s just trying to do her job getting judged constantly for her physical imperfections.


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