Delayed Gratification: Which Movie Sequels Are Worth the Wait?

This Friday, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For hits theaters as the last big “hurrah” of summer 2014.  I say “hurrah” with a heap of sarcasm, however, because it feels like ages since the first Sin City came out.  It’s almost an idea past its prime.  Oh sure, I was as big a fan of the first Sin City as anybody – it’s really the only good thing Robert Rodriguez has done in the past 20 years – but doesn’t the franchise seem, oh, a little too 2005?

Nine years.  That’s how long it’s taken for Sin City to get a sequel.  In the interim, Mickey Rourke’s comeback never really took flight, and countless other rip-offs have gone the over-stylized, heavily comics-influenced, CGI route.  Think 300.  Think The Spirit (or better yet, don’t).  Think Sucker Punch (also, don’t).

That, coupled with Dumb and Dumber To later this year (the original came out in ’94), and Martin Lawrence’s recent announcement that Bad Boys 3 was in the works (part 2 came out way back in 2003, nearly one week before Julie and I got married), got me thinking.  Which delayed movie sequels have taken an inordinate amount of time in between chapters, and were they ultimately worth the wait?  Let’s break down some of the most glaring examples:

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