All the posts Facebook has hidden from me in the past 24 hours

I check Facebook regularly. When I’m on my laptop at home, I keep it set to “recent stories.” When I hop back on Facebook from whatever I’ve been doing, I start at the top and basically scroll down until I start to see posts I’ve already seen before.

I figured, heck, I check this shit enough that I’m probably not missing anything, right? I want to see recent stories. That should mean, I least I think it should mean, ALL the recent stories.

When I check Facebook on my phone, however, the default is top stories. I started to notice recently that the “top stories,” by and large, were stories I’d never seen before, despite the fact that I check Facebook constantly and most of these updates were posted upwards of eight hours ago.

So, if I haven’t liked your posts recently, if I haven’t congratulated you or commiserated with you or or laughed with you, it’s because you’ve been hidden from me.

Here are the posts I’ve missed over the past 24 hours:

  1. A friend asking everyone to name their favorite SimpsonsĀ episodes
  2. Norm Dachman’s obituary in the Tribune
  3. Kim Dale’s Fiction Friday
  4. A funny status about Tindr
  5. A status update from a friend about how much she likes her job
  6. Another friend thanking everyone for birthday wishes
  7. Geek Girl talking about changing her name
  8. A picture of a dog sitting near mini bottles of alcohol
  9. Many, many, many people taking the ALS Challenge (I guess Facebook is good for some things)
  10. An article about some crazy sausage dish to be served at Packers games
  11. A cute pic of my friend’s eight-month-old
  12. Hugh Jackman looking like a pirate
  13. Pictures of friends’ kids heading off to school
  14. Another friend touting her book release
  15. And on…and on…and on
  16. Seriously, I know the title says “all the posts Facebook has hidden from me…”
  17. …But there are just too many to count

But, naturally, Buzzfeed articles and Jim Bob’s comments on the posts of people I’ve never met are way more important.
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