Star Wars VII Cast Announced: Where my ladies at?

Star Wars VII Cast Announced: Where my ladies at?

Yeah, I am disappointed that J.J. Abrams, the man who brought us two of the most kick ass (in different ways) female TV characters of the century (Felicity and Sydney Bristow) couldn’t be bothered to toss more than one new female character into the new Star Wars movie.

That said, he has brought some talented (male, always male) actors (and one girl you’ve never heard of) to the new film. You’ve got your Andy “Gollum” Serkis and your Domnhall “Bill Weasley” Gleeson and your John “look for me in the new season of 24” Boyega and your Max “von” Sydow and your Oscar “Llewyn Davis” Isaac and your Adam “naked Lena Dunham” Driver. These are all good actors, good men. I just wish one or two of these characters had been given more than one X chromosome. The writers had to choose to make none of these characters female. The script wasn’t carved into stone tablets and dropped on Lawrence Kasdan’s head (I’m pretty sure, anyway). I know someone has to stay home to tend the moisture farms, but Carrie Fisher and newbie Daisy Ridley are lonely.

Though, I mean, of course, maybe I’m just being stupid. If there’s one thing Star Wars nerds hate looking at it’s unattainable women.

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