The Walking Dead recap: "Alone"

The Walking Dead recap: "Alone"
Daryl does his best Buster Bluth impression.

Oh, this show. Every time I watch it, I feel like I’m watching wasted promise. The premise is so good. The potential for drama and change and tension is so high. But the show fails time and again because the characters have been so poorly written for so long.

Actually, it’s interesting. Critics have complained about The Walking Dead‘s characters from the beginning. They were all too archetypal and stereotypical. The women were awful nags incapable of protecting themselves. However, the writers heard these complaints. Since we lost Lori and Andrea, we’ve gained Sasha and Michonne. And the thing about those two characters is that they were almost totally undeveloped at the start. We knew a little about Michonne when she came on the scene, but not much. We knew virtually nothing about Sasha until recently (Actually, we still don’t know much about her. I just heard it mentioned on Talking Dead that she’s a former firefighter. That’s news to me).

Sasha and Michonne were given the opportunity to settle into who they were. The writers took some time to figure out where they fit into the landscape of the show, to figure out what the actresses playing the characters were capable of. They were able to see how chemistry developed between them and the rest of the cast, and started to pair them up accordingly. Instead of pushing a Daryl/Carol agenda, the writers have allowed Richonne to grow.

Anyway, guess what. Rick and Michonne weren’t even in this episode, so sorry. I’ll move away from them (#Richonne4EVA!) now. But Sasha was in this episode, and I’m on board with her continued existence. She’s climbing the ranks of my favorite The Walking Dead characters. T-Dog, Michonne, post-farm Hershel, and pre-Andrea Governor comprise that list currently. That’s about it.

But enough about T-Dog (#NeverForget). Tonight’s episode, “Alone,” was all about the Zombpocalypse, the road, and the friends we might all meet along the way.

Let’s examine.

Sasha/Maggie/Bob (nee D’Angelo Barksdale. They finally said his name, and Bob is so much easier to type than D’Angelo Barksdale, RIP*): Sasha, Maggie, and Bob are traveling along the road together. Sasha (I think) is sick of losing people. Her brother is probably dead. All the friends she almost made at the prison are probably gone too. It just doesn’t seem worth it to look for anyone or fall into the Terminus trap.

Maggie, however, disagrees, because Maggie has Glenn tunnel vision. She cannot accept that Glenn might be dead, and she knows in her heart that Glenn would go to Terminus if he knew about Terminus. They’re so simpatico, those two. Same wavelength. And that’s kind of why I can’t even with them right now. It’s all too cute, too hopeful. There’s no room for cute and hopeful in my Zombpocalypse.

Sasha agrees. She wants to stay in one place with Bob, so they can start a life together, no longer on the run. She’s the only person so far who seems skeptical of this Terminus thing (and I think she’s on to something; “Terminus,” the word, just sounds ominous, also did no one learn any lessons in Woodbury?)

Where’s Bob in all this? Well, he spent a lot of time alone during the early part of the Zombpocalypse, and it sucked. He’s sick of being alone. He likes being with two cute girls. It’s not rocket science. Also, he wants to be a decent guy and help Maggie find her Romeo.

Sasha decides to ditch the two of them, let it go, and build her own zombie-free ice palace on top of a hill, until she sees the eternal winter that has overtaken Arendelle Maggie lying on the ground, surrounded by zombies. The two ladies work together (true love between sisters) to kill all the zombies (creatively using street signs). And then they set off down the road to meet up with their Kristoff (Bob). Everything relates back to Frozen.

Daryl and Beth: I just watched last week’s Daryl and Beth fest last night, and I hated the whole thing. What a boring freaking episode. They basically stared at each other the whole time. That’s it. Admittedly, I’ve never been a Daryl fan. I’m sorry, ladies. I don’t get it. His hair, his demeanor, the whole thing. I’m not liking it. I get what they’re going for with Daryl. He’s the wounded tough guy with a heart of gold. But he just pales in comparison to other characters of his ilk. His personality begins with “brooding stare” and ends with “impossibly styled hair.”

And whatever they were trying to make happen between him and Beth? No. Bad. Ew. He’s too old and grizzled. She’s too young and stupid. They may overtake Fitz and Olivia as my least favorite current TV couple. No small feat.

But it’s kind of moot right now, my distaste for all things Beth and Daryl, because now Beth’s on the lam and Daryl’s hanging with the Sons of Anarchy or something.

Yeah. Beth ditched Daryl. They had a Moment in the kitchen. Then there was a zombie surprise(!) that ruined said moment. Then Daryl got in a pickle and Beth cut and run. She hopped in the car and took off for parts unknown. Cold.

Other Stuff:

  • Daryl and Beth spent a lot of time talking about who might be coming back to the immaculately cared for funeral home. I wonder if we’ll see those people in the future. I wonder if they’re the Fishers. I wonder if zombie Nate Fisher walks around saying, “Narm!” This is where my brain goes.
  • So, Terminus was the name of the Roman god of boundary markers, which makes sense in the context of sanctuary dedicated to acting as a boundary against zombie attacks. Terminus is also the original name for Atlanta, Georgia, which was the setting for a good portion of The Walking Dead‘s first season.
  • Beth, just because you keep saying Daryl’s a good person, doesn’t make it true. Let’s see how “good” he is after he spends some time with Joe and the other Bow Boys.
  • Daryl likes sleeping in coffins. That’s called “characterization.”
  • Beth thinks she and Daryl should get a dog. This is all moving TOO FAST.
  • Oh, and at the end of the episode, Glenn saw the sign. He’s on his way to Terminus. Yay?

What did you think of the episode? What do you see happening at Terminus?
*Yes, I realize that people privy to the graphic novels already knew his name was Bob Stookey. I also realize that his name was probably uttered once or twice before on this show, but I wasn’t paying attention/didn’t feel the need to care at that point.

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