40 Bags in 40 Days: Day 2, the '90s are here to STAY

I am still sticking with my Lenten promise to remove a bag of crap from my house each day for the next forty days (excluding Sundays). I wanted to post this yesterday, but my laptop (where I had sent all of my photos) decided to be a butt and wound up in the computer hospital. She’ll be there for, potentially, the next several days. Full disclosure, this (and a Butler basketball game) is why there is no Scandal recap today. I’m hoping to be back in the recapping business by The Walking Dead on Sunday. I can’t take TV notes on a desktop computer. I’m not a barbarian.

Anyway, back to 40 Bags in 40 Days.

Today’s (or, rather, yesterday’s) Project: My closet!

History: It wasn’t long ago that I went through the stuff in my closet. I got rid of a bunch of clothes toward the end of the summer, I think. However, there were a few things I should’ve let go of last time that stuck around for a season too long. Also, there are a lot of fancy dresses in my closet. I had to get rid of other things to make room for the fancy dresses, because the fancy dresses stay!

Findings: The closet task is really more notable for what I decided to keep rather than what I decided to toss (or, in this case, pass on to Good Will). I recently brought a bunch of old high school dresses over from my parents’ house. One of my favorite things as a kid was playing dress-up with all of my mom’s old gowns. Now that I have a daughter (and son; he can play, too) of my own, I want to keep these dresses around so that she can beat them up as much as I beat up my mom’s wedding dress.

Also, most of these dresses still fit me (some are too big, humblebrag). I figure that many of them are pushing 20-years-old, which puts them squarely in the “vintage” category, right? I should make it my goal to wear each of these dresses at least once over the next 365 days. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

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How’s your cleanse going?

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