40 Bags in 40 Days: Day 13

40 Bags in 40 Days: Day 13

My kitchen is boring.

My kitchen is a lot of things: ugly, out of date, confused, messy, poorly planned. But for the purpose of these kinds of posts, it’s mostly just boring.

I did a big purge last summer, I think, and I’ve done a pretty good job of not bringing a lot of superfluous things back into the kitchen. I don’t like a lot of gadgets, because I hate storing and cleaning them. I used to have a gazillion cookbooks, but then I realized that I only ever use the America’s Test Kitchen ones. The only place where I really go overboard is with coffee mugs, but I use all of those, she types as she buzzes around the room on a caffeine high.

Today’s task was the cabinet next to the stove, which I’ve really used mostly for shoving stuff that’s too big for other cabinets, plus plastic storage containers and some of the kids’ stuff. I got rid of all the plastic storage, which I never use anyway. I got rid of most of the bibs, except for the one attached to this post (because it’s too awesome to part with, even with the stains). The only things left in the cabinet are some fine mesh strainers, a colander, some ice trays, an E.T. plate, and some Frozen-themed dinnerware.

Sorry, no ’90s dresses today. Maybe I’ll find some in the fridge tomorrow.

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