What songs inspire you during this $#!t a$$ weather?

I recently started work on a new novel, which is fun because I haven’t started anything new-new since the summer. This thing has been swimming around in my head since about October, and I’ve finally gotten a little time to work on it.

I am unable to write while music is playing. I know a lot of writers feel inspired while music is playing, but I just feel muddy. I can’t do it. I’ve tried on many occasions. But what I can do is listen to music while working out. I now have Spotify on my iPhone (welcome to the 21st century, me). I’ve created playlists for a couple of different projects and I listen to them and think about the next scene while walking around the track at the gym. With the snow and the cold this winter, feeling a bit like a gym hamster is one of the bright spots in my day, and I’m pretty sure it has helped me stay sane (mostly) for the past two months.

The novel I’m working on takes place a little bit in the future, so naturally I’m listening to a lot of ’80s stuff. (Though a few of the songs on this list are from the present-day novel I’m also simultaneously revising. Lots of irons in the fire right now.)

Anyway, here is a handful of songs that are putting me in my writing groove right now (and are keeping me going through this endless winter). Which songs are keeping  you sane right now?

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