Sorry No Walking Dead Recap. Blame Justin Timberlake. I do.

Sorry No Walking Dead Recap. Blame Justin Timberlake. I do.
Here's how close we got to Justin Timberlake.

I had grandiose dreams of getting home from the United Center last night, watching The Walking Dead, and recapping it. But that didn’t happen. We didn’t get home until almost 12:30 AM, and that’s about three hours past my bedtime. So, no zombies.

But what about the concert? It was amazing. I will admit to being a) a bit of a crab about going to concerts and b) not being the biggest Justin Timberlake fan of all time, but dude was hustling last night. He played for two-and-a-half hours, taking only a brief ten minute “beer break.”

John and I went with another couple (Hi, Ted and Jenny!), but we had two seats on the floor and two seats in a skybox (I know. Boo-hoo). The boys took the skybox and the girls (somewhat reluctantly) took the floor (about the 30th row, right in front of the sound booth). The sound was great where we were, but there was a huge mountain of a dude right in front of us who kept filming video of the concert no one would ever want to watch.

But after the intermission was when our floor seats suddenly became kick ass. Justin and some of his musicians (he sang with a live band, The Tennessee Kids, all night and they were fabulous) boarded a movable stage that floated above the audience. As he passed over us, Jenny said, “This is as close as we’ll ever get to Justin Timberlake.” Nope. Because once the stage stopped on the other end of the stadium, stairs came down and he jumped up to the roof of the sound booth, now right in front of us, about 15 feet away. Our seats had gone from 30th row to 1st row in a matter of seconds.

It was pretty great being right up in front like that. Not only did we get to see JT up close and personal, but we also got to see the man behind the curtain a little bit — the videographers, the backup singer needing her mic fixed, JT’s guitar tuner. And when JT launched into a version of Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature,” the videographer stopped right in front of Jenny and me and suddenly we were on the Jumbotron singing along. (I didn’t actually see this, thank God, but other people did).

When he finally moved back to the main stage, the entire crowd was pumped up (moving the stage really got everyone involved in the fun). He launched into a great rendition of Bel Biv Devoe’s “Poison,” and even though the concert was late and long it never dragged and I never found myself looking at the time. You made a fan out of me, Justin Timberlake. Well played.

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