21 Non-Romantic Love Stories for Valentine's Day...and Beyond

Valentine’s Day.  Barf.

On and around February 14, there’s so much focus on romantic love that all the other kinds of love get pushed to the side. Well, no more! On Parks & Rec, Leslie Knope loves to celebrate her lady friends on February 13 (Galentine’s Day). Let’s follow her lead. Today we celebrate all the other kinds of love we’ve seen in the movies and relish in our daily lives, from mother/daughter to professional partners to the love between a boy and his alien. Today we celebrate families and friends and inanimate objects!

This list is by no means complete. And while I may have picked my favorite movies in each category, you may disagree (you’ll notice this list contains no Brian’s Song; man, people love Brian’s Song). So, what are your picks? What are your favorite non-romantic love stories?

Also, if you can think of a single movie where a non-romantic male/female pair are featured prominently, let me know. I’m drawing a blank.

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