New Girl, "Basketsball," and allegiance to sports teams

New Girl, "Basketsball," and allegiance to sports teams

Last night on New Girl, Jess decided that she wanted to become better friends with Coach, who had recently moved back into the loft. Coach’s one great love is basketball, specifically the Pistons; and Jess figured that if she pretended to love” basketsball” and the Pistons, Coach would want to hang out with her.

The problem with this plan is that her boyfriend, Nick Miller, is a huge Bulls fan and he hates the Pistons. Jess doesn’t get it. She doesn’t see why it’s such a big deal if she pretends to like the Pistons until she and Coach are friends and then quits watching basketball all together. Nick can’t even believe that she would dare to be so flippant about something so serious as a person’s basketball team.

So, here’s my question for you: Have you ever switched teams? Many of us grew up in sports towns, or if not in sports towns, near them. I grew up in Chicago. I was raised to root for all the Chicago teams. I’ve always been a “Cubs fan” even if I haven’t always been a fan of the Cubs (kind of going through one of those anti-Cubs phases right now). I’ve always, always been a Bulls fan, no question. I’ve never really cared about hockey or the Blackhawks, but I don’t root against them in any capacity. I just choose to ignore their existence. And the Bears? I like the Bears. I don’t like football. I kind of like the Colts, too, having gone to college in Indianapolis during the Peyton Manning heyday. That made watching Super Bowl XLI kind of interesting.

My husband, John, grew up near Detroit, but he only lived there until he was in high school. He’s lived in Chicago now for over twelve years, and he’s become a total Chicago fan. It took him the longest to come around to liking the Bulls, but now he’s fully on board and (dare I say) he loves the Bulls the most of all the Chicago teams.

I had never heard of people switching sports teams allegiances until I met John. Everyone I knew was born a Cubs or Sox fan and stayed a Cubs or Sox fan. But John’s family is known for switching things up. His dad grew up near Cincinnati. He was raised to like the Reds; but he decided at an early age that he wanted to root for a winner, so he picked the Yankees (and his brother picked the Cardinals). And now that they’re back in Michigan, he’s cheering for all the Detroit teams again (and still the Yankees, barf).

Wanting to teams does make sense, though. It’s just another thing that our parents foisted upon us, like your religion or whether you shop(ped) at Jewel or Dominick’s. It’s only natural to grow up and want to see what else is out there (Mariano’s).

Have you been a fan of the same teams your whole life, or have you switched allegiances?

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