My Writing Process

I’ve been reading a book called Forest for the Trees, and one chapter highlights famous authors and their writing processes.

Yesterday, while both kids were home and stuck inside because of the cold, I took a look at mine.

5:30: Wake up and check the internet. Have coffee. Do not skip this step. At least not the coffee part.

6:00-11:00: Get shit done around the house. Think about what needs to be written or revised later in the day. Get caught up in a segment on Bill and Wendy about why cops don’t want to be called cops. Turn off the radio, in attempts to get your head right. Then turn it back on because, fuck it.

11:00: Lunch.

11:30: Go upstairs and play for as long as possible, trying to push “nap time” until the last possible moment. The longer the kids stay up in the morning, the better they’ll rest in the afternoon.

11:45: Call it. It’s nap time. Set the kids up with a movie or books or Legos or Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood or whatever they want. Maybe they’ll fall asleep. Maybe they’ll be back upstairs in seven minutes looking for entertainment.

12:05: Go back downstairs to check on them. Grab some Pirate’s Booty.

12:06: Go back upstairs to work, immediately go back downstairs because now the kids want Pirate’s Booty.

12:08: Oh, and some milk, please.

12:10: Settle down again. Peer at Scrivener. Try to remember where you were twenty minutes ago. Decide you need a mind break. Open up Feedly and check Crazy Days and Nights and then Lainey and Go Fug Yourself and then go on Wikipedia to figure out where Jonathan Groff came from. Write a tweet about how it’s a shame he and Spock broke up because what a gorgeous couple.

12:20: Look at Scrivener again. Get really, really into working on that scene.

12:22: One or both children come upstairs looking for you. One or both children lie next to you on the bed, resting their heads on your typing arms. The girl one asks you to “be Elsa.” The boy one asks you to disassemble one of his Lego creations. Bring the laptop back downstairs. You’re done.

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