Indiegogo Spotlight: Dead Draw is a crime-thriller worth supporting

Indiegogo Spotlight: Dead Draw is a crime-thriller worth supporting

Attention fellow movie lovers!  If you’re looking for the latest independent film to support, look no further.  A new indie crime-thriller called Dead Draw is in the works and it promises to be something great.  Gil Bellows (The Shawshank Redemption, Ally McBeal), Bitsie Tulloch (The Artist, Grimm), and Michael Eklund (Watchmen, The Call) have all signed on to star in the movie, and principal photography is set to begin on January 14 in Southern Illinois.

So, what is Dead Draw?  Well, it’s a character-driven crime story about the desperation and dysfunction of a band of brothers gone awry.  The movie begins with a deceptively simple heist – the grab of a lifetime.  Get in.  Get out.  Get away clean.  A simple plan, perfectly executed.  Harrison (Bellows), Mack (Eklund), Dallas (Andy Ahrens), and Jones (Faust Checho) are career criminals on their way to early retirement.  Or so they thought.  The truth is, their getaway pilot has been killed, and the four of them have been burned, back-stabbed, and betrayed.  Paranoia runs rampant, fingers are pointed, guns are drawn, and best friends become enemies.

Sounds awesome, right?  I can vouch for the crew.  The movie is written and directed by Brian Klemesrud, who is making his feature debut.  I’ve known Brian (we all call him “B.K.”) for nearly 16 years now, and the man has talent, creativity, and visual ingenuity to spare.  He has served as the creative director for over 200 commercials here in town, and has also directed over a dozen short films.  It’s his time.  He’ll be ably supported by the amazingly talented cinematographer, Jim Timperman (Proxy, Scalene, Mr. Blue Sky), who has signed on to D.P. the film.  Dead Draw will be a co-production between Klemesrud’s Rocket3 Productions and Checho’s (Proxy, The Fields) FSC Productions.

But, wait.  It gets even better.  You can still support Dead Draw, and help it reach its budgetary goal.  For more information, just head over to the film’s Indiegogo site here.  There are many perks offered for your contribution, including illustrations, digital downloads, DVDs, name recognition in the end credits, and much much more.  While there, you can also check out a teaser trailer for the movie, as well as sample some of Klemesrud’s other work.


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