Scandal review, "YOLO"

Scandal review, "YOLO"

Tonight’s Scandal — AKA “YOLO,” for all you kids out there — was an action packed hour full of murder, amateur dentistry, and people trying to pretend that Fitz is competent or something.

The episode followed three major stories, three pairs couples discovering new information about people they once trusted — Quinn and Huck, Liv and her mom, and Cyrus and James.

Quinn and Huck: The episode started with Huck torturing naked Quinn in her apartment, and, boy, was he having the time of his life. I don’t know if you’ve picked up on it, but Huck loves torture. He especially loves teeth pulling, and that’s what he was all set to do to Quinn until the phone rang and Liv told him about her mom still being alive.

Huck got a quick pull in there and then he left Quinn, telling her to stay put while he was gone. She did not have much of a choice, seeing as she was ducted taped. He did come back, though, because Huck keeps his promises. And he removed some more of her teeth, because duh, promises. I’m not exactly sure what information he was looking to gain from Quinn, maybe it was a “Who does Number Two work for?” situation. Maybe he just wanted to test her loyalty. Maybe he was hoping she’d give up the goods on her mother’s Thanksgiving stuffing recipe. I think Quinn was pretty clueless about the whole thing as well.

But eventually she came up with a great plan that got her out of the duct tape (and got her laid as well, so bonus). Apparently she told Huck that Charlie would at some point come to her house to rescue her and she would make like she needed some insurance because Pope and Associates were on to her. So Charlie would take her to see Rowan and she’d ask for the video of her killing that guy in the building that one time. But then she would actually take out a syringe (which I initially thought was a ricin cigarette) and kill Rowan. Everybody’s problems solved. Ding dong the witch is dead. Celebrate good times come on.

Olivia and Mom: But of course things couldn’t be that simple. Olivia was just getting used to her mother being around and she was spending a lot of time flashing back to the day her mother boarded the plane that Fitz shot down. Olivia listened to a lot of “Ben” back then, on her Walkman. She kept remembering little bits of this scene, whenever it made perfect narrative sense. Her mom had been on the phone with a journalist she was supposed to meet when she got off the plane. Modern day Olivia realized that this guy could clear her mom’s name. So she went into Olivia Pope mode and tried to get her mother to a safe house in Hong Kong, despite her inclusion on the no-fly and most wanted lists. Popular gal.

Eventually Fitz steps in (a lot of this episode was spent trying to convince us that Fitz is somewhat competent as both a president and a human being) and figures out a way to get Mommy Pope to Hong Kong — a military plane! TAXPAYER DOLLARS, HELLO, NOBAMA.

At Abby’s insistence, Olivia gives her mom a hug goodbye, which stirs up another “Ben” memory, a Benmory, if you will. Olivia remembers somebody calling their house after her mom left and asking for a “Marie.” Olivia has Huck check the no-fly list to find out the “fake” name Rowan was using to keep his wife in the country. Turns out the name was “Marie Wallace,” and Oliva’s mom was a bad guy this whole time and Rowan has just been trying to protect his daughter and this show has completely given up trying to hide the fact that it is blatantly copying Alias.

Cyrus and James: Meanwhile in the West Wing, Sally Langston has turned in her resignation, which really, good riddance. Who cares? Does Fitz even need her at this point? She lifts right out. But what they don’t want is Sally running against Fitz in the primary. She has legions of Jesus fans on her side and the only people who like Fitz are man whores and Olivia Pope.

Cyrus, the man with a plan, tries to keep Sally in check by sending his husband James to seduce Sally’s husband Daniel. But the plan backfires. James figures what Cyrus is up to and he revenge-bones Daniel Douglas and asks for a divorce. Cyrus somehow has pictures of the whole event (he must have one of Nolan’s sea creature camera tchotchkes) and shows them to Sally, who’s all whatevs. She knows Cyrus won’t show them to anyone. They’d hurt him as much as they’d hurt her.

Besides, Sally is prepared to take matters into her own hands. She kills her philandering husband, which is something I think voters generally frown upon. I said generally.

Other Stuff:

  • I will never understand how Olivia can be so hung up on Fitz when Jake in uniform is an option.
  • I think “YOLO” will make a nice safe word for Quinn and Huck when they eventually take their relationship to the next level.
  • Sally Langston’s campaign guy’s advice: “Drop your allegiance to Jesus and pledge it to politics.”
  • Omar Dresden is a name we probably need to remember, not sure why yet.
  • Harrison’s nemesis, Adnan Salif, is back and he says, “Hey.” I hope we never learn any more about this storyline. I like the idea of it playing in the background while all of Olivia’s shit is going down. Kind of like Abed delivering the baby on that episode of Community. I choose to believe Harrison has this whole rich life we know nothing about.
  • Liv’s mom is back in her life for a day and already she knows that the Fitz situation is toxic. She can sense it.
  • This whole “using David to make our legal lives easier” thing is not doing a service to the show or the character. Free Josh Malina!
  • Maybe he and Harrison should get their own spin-off.
  • Huck and Jake should too.
  • What exactly do you think Liv’s mom did?
  • Is Sally Langston going to be Liv’s newest client?

What did you think of this episode?

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