Facebook has its foot on our collective throat

Or something. I don’t even know. It’s my birthday, and I’m too full of the promise of cake to really contemplate this whole mess.

Apparently Facebook has “algorithmed” “things,” which means if you like Hammervision (and/or most other blog or business pages), Facebook is hiding posts from you.

This was supposed to cut down on the number of times people posted that video of the family in their Christmas PJs, I think, but that certainly didn’t work.

So, I’m asking you ON MY BIRTHDAY (and Brad Pitt’s birthday, if mine means nothing to you) (and X-Tina’s, Katie Holmes’s, Steven Spielberg’s, Alyssa Milano’s, and the late, great Ty Cobb’s — one of those people has to float your boat, right?), please, sure, like us on Facebook; but also subscribe to our blog via email. You’ll get updates when we post, which is only about once a day (less when I’m thinking about cake).

Thank you so much for reading our blog this year. You have been wonderful and respectful and we are looking forward to a great 2014. Merry Festivus!

Here’s all the info you need:

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