Why this Duck Dynasty thing is not a surprise

Why this Duck Dynasty thing is not a surprise

Duck Dynasty is this thing we’re all supposed to know about because it was a popular reality show earlier in the year and your local news has finally caught up to it. Way to be on top of things, local news!

Anyway, the ladies of Duck Dynasty were on WGN Morning News last week hocking their Christmas song…I think? They have a Christmas song? God help us. Though, of course, we all know that reality star + music = roaring success, though that’s just based on anecdotal evidence.

But their song stylings aren’t the thing we’re supposed to be talking about now. The big story is about how the one guy, the bearded one, said some stupid things and got pulled from the show and yadda-yadda-why are we surprised?

And, no, I’m not talking about what he said. I’m not talking about how what he said may or may not be indicative of his lifestyle/the lifestyles of people like him.

I’m talking about the fact that we’ve been through this before. Reality shows pop up. They’re hits. Often times the first seasons are glorious (so I’ve been told), and then people start getting too big for their britches. Inevitably the “stars” start becoming more and more “Hollywood,” and become completely separated from the down-home people who landed the show in the first place. It happened to all the Real Housewives. It happened to Jon and Kate and probably the eight. It’s happening to that Jonas brother’s wife and all those innocent young things on the Teen Moms. It’s what happens when you give a moron a microphone and expect him to know how to behave in front of it.

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