In Defense of…America's Next Top Model

“In Defense Of…” is a series of posts spotlighting the overlooked, underappreciated, and unfairly maligned movies (or, in this case, TV shows) of our time. Films given the “In Defense Of” treatment so far include The Next Three Days, Multiplicity, Speed Racer, Meet Joe Black, Alfie (2004), MacGruber, The IslandThe Cable Guy, and The Last Castle.*

TV shows tend to get a little complacent when they run for twenty seasons. They recycle old plot lines, the new characters blend in with the old, you start to forget what you loved about the show in the first place.

America’s Next Top Model is not that show. America’s Next Top Model has never stopped trying. America’s Next Top Model is out there hustling each week to keep you entertained. No show (other than perhaps Seinfeld) has created its own vernacular to the extent ANTM has. From “booty tooch” to “ugly pretty” to “flawsome,” this show has enriched our vocabulary and has made us better conversationalists. Before ANTM, we didn’t have a word for “conveying emotion and intensity through one’s eyes.” Now we have “smize.” Someday it will pop up in a Pulitzer Prize winning novel, and it will be the dawning of a new Renaissance.

But don’t take my word for it. These clips speak for themselves. And if those can’t convince you, then how about pics from the season where Tyra wore a different jump suit each week?

*I wrote this post for ChicagoNow’s blog-a-palooz-hour, where everyone writes and publishes a post within one hour. The topic for this month was writing about a time someone helped you or you helped someone. In writing this post, I like to think I just did.

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