What the Hell Happened To...? 12 Movie Actors/Actresses Who Are M.I.A.

It’s always weird to realize a star has vanished.  Years can go by without seeing a certain actor or actress on screen before you realize, hey – what the hell happened to them?  Where did they go?  And why?  Some absences are easily explained (say, Sean Connery – retirement), but most aren’t.  More often than not, the actor/actress has seen their star fade for one reason or another (age, choice in projects, box office), and decided to retreat from the spotlight.  Now, they wait for Quentin Tarantino to rescue them from pop cultural obscurity – something that seemed altogether unimaginable only a short time ago when they were so ubiquitous on screen.  Here are 12 former A-listers (or at the very least, B-listers) that have gone M.I.A. from movies in recent years.

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