10 TV Shows to Catch Up On This Summer

Now that Game of Thrones and Mad Men have ended, we’ve entered a black hole of television where there’s nothing of importance* on until Breaking Bad** comes back in August***.

So this is the perfect time to catch up on those TV shows you’ve always been meaning to watch, but just haven’t gotten to yet. I’ve got quite a few on my list, most of which debuted last season when I didn’t have the patience to stick with any new, untested shows for too long.

The gallery includes the shows I’ll be watching, as well as a few shows I think are worth your time this summer. All of these shows are available on Hulu+, Netflix Instant, iTunes, OnDemand, Amazon Instant Video, network apps/websites, and/or good, old-fashioned DVD. (There are infinite ways to watch TV these days. You probably know better than I do. I’m an old lady.)

Which shows will you be catching up on this summer? Which shows are you so passionate about that you think everyone should watch? This is your chance to televangelize (I’m taking back that word for TV nerds).

*No, America’s Got Talent doesn’t count. Neither does Food Network Star.

**Obviously, if you’ve never seen Breaking Bad, watching that show is your first order of business. You have a few weeks. You can do it. Seriously. My mom burned through four seasons in a long weekend last summer. WATCH. Go. Now. Why are you not watching yet?

***OK, I’m aware that Dexter comes back next week, and for some people that’s a big deal. I’m also aware of the existence of True Blood and The Newsroom, but come on. Also, all of those shows air on Sunday night. There are six other nights, folks. We’ve got a lot of time to fill.


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