The 16 Best Zombies of All Time

“They’re Coming to Get You, Barbara . . . .”  Zombies are as popular now as they’ve ever been.  From TV’s The Walking Dead, which concluded its third season earlier this year, to February’s surprise hit Warm Bodies to the release of Brad Pitt’s latest blockbuster-wannabe World War Z on Friday, it seems you can’t go anywhere without running into the undead.  So, to prep yourself for World War Z, here’s a handy guide to the 16 best zombies of all time.  This is not a list of the best zombie movies or the best individual scenes featuring zombies.  I’m talking about the zombies themselves.  The ones with the most panache, personality, and/or character design.  The ones that burn their way into your memory, for better or worse.

Who’s your favorite zombie of all time?

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