The 5 Best Movie Theaters in Chicago*

You may have guessed this by now, but I like to go to the movies.  I go every week.  Sometimes once.  Usually twice.  In a good week?  4 times.  By now, I’ve been to nearly every movie theater in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.  I know the ins the outs, the pros the cons.   I know which ones have the best concession stand, the best popcorn.  I know how many minutes of previews each theater shows before the movie (for example, Pickwick: 5 mins.; Muvico: 15 mins.; AMC River East: 20 mins. – adjust the listed show time accordingly).  I know where to sit, where not to sit.  When to theater hop, and where not to.  If I’m good for anything, and some will certainly contest that point, it is this post that you’re about to read.  Let’s get to it.

*Not all of these theaters are in Chicago


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