The Walking Dead Recap: Home

The Walking Dead Recap: Home
"Michonne, am I seeing things again or is that Merle?"

All play and no work make Rick something something.

This week’s Walking Dead episode starts out as a quiet one, a reaction to last week’s carnage. Rick and friends are back home in the prison, trying to figure out what to do with themselves. Tyrese and his friends have been booted from the premises. Glenn is taking charge of things, plotting REVENGE against the Governor using a floor plan drawn on the prison floor, bouncing ideas off the brain trust of Carl and Li’l Beth. Michonne is just hanging out near a truck the whole time for some reason, not sure why because Michonne tells us nothing. Hershel is being the wise old man of the Zombpocalypse, analyzing both Rick’s and Glenn’s issues (which are plentiful). Spin Doctors suddenly has a lot to say (suspicious) and Lo-Rent Jamie-Lee Curtis’s ears are open, as sual.

And Rick is seeing Lori again. It was naive of me to think we were rid of her when she, you know, died and stuff.

Over in New Otherton, the villagers are no less screwed. The Governor is praising Andrea for her stirring speechmaking (and, in essence, the writers are patting themselves on the back for their ability to write said stirring words — and then place them into the mouth of the least inspiring character on the whole show). The Governor wants Andrea to take over for him while he takes a much needed break or gets fitted for a new zombie eyeball or something. And he goes to Milton the Science Guy for help keeping tabs on Andrea. The Guv is not sure he can trust her. He’s not sure she won’t run off to the prison to rejoin our Zeroes and make hundreds of baby morons with Rick or Spin Doctors or choose your own adventure.

Andrea is already taking her new duty as leader Very Seriously, yelling at people on the streets and barking orders. She’s a regular JFK. And Milton is her Marilyn Monroe.

And in the third corner of our Zombieverse, we have the brothers Dixon. Merle has no one else in the world who loves him. Rick and friends hate him, for good reason (especially since now we know he was planning on robbing the caravan blind before he got trapped up on that roof). The Governor can no longer trust him, probably, because the Governor trusts no one. Daryl, meanwhile, has friends. He’s got a potential hookup in the form of Lo-Rent JLC waiting over by the prison. And Beth and Maggie too, probably, if he wants them. Because what virile, non-crazy, non-revenge minded men still exist in this world? Hershel? He’s Maggie and Beth’s father, you sickos, and The Walking Dead is not that kind of show. Yet.

The brothers come upon a group of travelers (and a baby), who are stuck on a bridge, about to succumb to zombie-bite-itis. I kind of want to see a zombie baby. We haven’t seen that yet, have we? At least not for  a while. Eat that baby, walkers!

But alas, Daryl comes to the rescue, shooting zombies with his crossbow at close range, banging zombie heads with the trunk of a hatchback vehicle. Merle even gets into the spirit, killing exactly one zombie before attempting to rob the victims blind, this appears to be Merle’s default M.O. He feels the travelers owe him something for his troubles, and this is reason #243 while Merle is a dick. Daryl points his bow at his brother and forces him out of the car. These people have been through enough.

The brothers continue walking down the road to nowhere, talking about their past, talking about how when the chips were down, Merle bailed on Daryl. Then they fight and Daryl’s shirt gets ripped up (and the ladies say, “Whoo!”). His back is covered in gigantic scars, like huge ones. Apparently these are scars from being beaten as a child, and Merle has never seen them, somehow, despite the two of them being brothers who grew up in the same house. I can only assume Daryl used to be a never nude.

Back to our Zeroes at the prison. Rick is still walking. Glenn has taken off on his REVENGE road trip. Spin Doctors is talking A LOT to Lo-Rent JLC. I’m starting to think, at this point, that either he’s going to rival Daryl for her coveted affections or he’s going to sexually assault her.

Then — SHOTS FIRED! Spin Doctors goes down and we suddenly know why we were hearing so many things come out of his mouth this episode. He’s cannon fodder.

The Governor has brought his team of men — Martinez and New NEW T-Dog — to invade the prison. The promise of a gunfight makes Rick go sane again, and he fights zombies and Michonne fights zombies and even Beth fights zombies (I really thought Beth would die here too, what with her teaching Maggie how to feed the baby and Hershel talking about how much she means to him. Nice misdirection, The Walking Dead writers.)

Fight fight fight. The Governor releases a truckload of zombies inside the prison walls, and they corner Rick. He’s about to succumb to them when suddenly an arrow flies through the skull of one of the walkers. It’s Daryl to the rescue! (And the ladies go *swoon*)

Rick is about to give Daryl the most giant gigantic hug of all time, but then he sees Merle standing there off to the side and he thinks, “Oh noes. Not this fucking guy again.”


Bits and Bites:

  • The Zeroes poured one out for T-Dog this episode. T-Dog gave his life at the prison ERGO THEY CAN NEVER LEAVE, OUT OF RESPECT.
  • Now I’m shipping Milton and Andrea again. I’m calling their love “Pinky and the Brain.”

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