Hooray for the Internet!

I’m caught in a writing limbo where I’m waiting to hear back on submissions for one manuscript, editing another, and plotting a third (I’m a hardcore plotter. Plotting is my business, in the same way balls are Susan Sarandon’s business. Project Runway inside joke.) But instead of working diligently on all the things upon which I should be working, I’ve been farting around on the internet. I’ve been obsessing over blind items on Crazy Days and Nights. Reading about all the dresses leading up to the Oscars on Go Fug Yourself. And dreaming of these cookies, that I will probably never bake because I can no longer read the oven temperature on my janky old stove. And my baking skills are next to nil.

What fun things have you found on the intermesh this week? Let’s share, for procrastination’s sake.

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