Which Books Are on Your "Did Not Finish" List?

Which Books Are on Your "Did Not Finish" List?

A literary agent mentioned on Twitter yesterday that she stopped reading a book because she just didn’t love it. “Just didn’t love it” seems like a pretty broad category. If I stopped reading a book because I just didn’t love it, I’d never finish anything, because I’m a bitter old crone who is incapable of love.

But I have recently added two books to my DNF (Did Not Finish) pile. The first one was The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling. I found the book to be a complete chore. I wasn’t connecting with any of the (many, many) characters. The plot, which on paper really excited me because I thought I was about to read Hot Fuzz in book form, was too slight and lacking in fun. Mostly, I had no desire to pick it up and read it every night. So, about half way through, I gave myself permission to put the book down permanently. It was very freeing.

More recently, I started reading Warm Bodies, a zombie love story, because John really liked the movie and I thought I should read the book before seeing it. And, I don’t know. The book just didn’t work for me. The whole thing is told from the perspective of a zombie, who has deep thoughts and can remember lots of trivia about The Beatles, but who doesn’t know his own name or why sushi should be refrigerated. And then he starts dreaming and becoming human for some reason, and I think I never understood what the rules of the universe were. I never connected with the characters and, mostly, I just didn’t care. So two nights ago, I left Warm Bodies behind and moved on to a new novel. Maybe I’ll see the movie and the “I get it!” lightbulb will go off and I’ll try reading it again; but for now, I’m done.

Which books are on your “Did Not Finish” list, or do you make it a point to finish every book you start?

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