6 Best TV Kisses of All Time

Will they or won’t they? Love/hate relationships. Unrequited love. TV is filled with great love stories and great kisses.

Did you swoon when Dylan caught up with Brenda and swept her up into an angry teenage kiss on Beverly Hills, 90210? Were you waiting with baited breath for Niles to finally get the balls to kiss Daphne on Frasier? How about Sam and Diane on Cheers or David and Maddie on Moonlighting or Josh and Donna on The West Wing or Sybil and Branson on Downton Abbey or Ben and Leslie on Parks and Recreation or Jim and Pam on The Office or Tim and Dawn on the British Office? For many of these romances (and in some cases shows) it’s all downhill after that first kiss. What leads up to the kiss is all nerves and anticipation, disgust and attraction, shyness and mystery. In other words, what leads up to the kiss is all the good stuff.

After the kiss is when things start to go wrong. Husbands and girlfriends come back into the picture. Obvious class differences and social statuses start to matter again. You and your boyfriend have different definitions for the word “break.” The guy you stitched up that one time after your plane crashed on a deserted island comes to rescue you from the cage in which you’ve just been making out with the hot, scruffy ruffian, who should play Han Solo’s kid in the next Star Wars movie. In other words, life happens. But for the brief moment of the kiss, everything is perfect.

I know it’s ballsy to say that these are the six best TV kisses of all time, but for my money they are. I’m sure we can agree to disagree, and I’d love to see your suggestions for best TV kisses in the comments.

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