12 Recent Movies You Probably Haven't Seen, But Should

God bless Netflix.  Without it (both disc and instant streaming), I might never catch all the independent and/or smaller movies that pass many of us by on an everyday basis.  These are movies that either don’t make it to your local theater ever, or only play in that one theater that’s super inconvenient to get to, and just not worth the hassle to leave your house to go see.  But, as it often turns out, many of the movies we routinely skip in theaters are actually some of the best movies being released.  So, rather than waste your time and money going to see Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters or all the other putrid offerings this time of year,  why not stay home and catch up on some of these flicks – all of which are great and that I’m betting a majority of you haven’t seen.  Here are a few recent films that I highly recommend, in no particular order:

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