The Walking Dead Recap - "Say the Word"

The Walking Dead Recap - "Say the Word"

Real life nonsense kept me from recapping last week’s episode. Well, “real life nonsense” and, of course, the raw pain of dealing with T-Dog’s unfortunate demise. The Walking Dead only has room for one African-American guy at a time, and apparently the new guy is it. He doesn’t even have a name yet, does he? I was calling him Not Tiny, but now I think I’ll refer to him as New T-Dog. Does this quota system also extend to people of other races? Because there’s an Asian guy hanging out with Merle and I fear for Glenn’s safety if and when our zeros hook up with the Governor’s people. Watch your back, Glenn.

Anyway, last night’s episode was what they call a “sequel” to the action. A whole lot of shit went down last week, and this week was just a lot of watching the zeros react to all the deaths of Lori, T-Dog, and (presumably) Lo-Rent Jamie-Lee Curtis.

Here’s who did what:

Maggie and Daryl rode off on a sexy motorcycle to find baby formula. They fought an opossum and won.

Carl didn’t kill anyone.

Beth was asked to “look after” Carl. I know what Carl wants this to mean.

Glenn protected everyone with his gun, dug some graves, and complained about those stupid prisoners who seem really nice.

Hershel told Glenn he was a dick for complaining about the nice prisoners, who were helping him dig graves.

T-Dog remained dead.

Daryl also put a flower on Presumed Dead Lo-Rent JLC’s grave. To make it obvious that when she eventually returns, they’ll be fighting Maggie and Glenn for alone time up in the guard’s tower.

And Rick sulked off alone to processes Lori’s death through quiet meditation and prayer.

Meanwhile, over in New Otherton, I mean Governorville, I mean Woodbury, it’s the annual zombie Hunger Games! And everyone is laughing and riding and corn holing except Michonne. She does not trust the town or the Governor and she wants to leave. She catches the Governor brushing his zombie daughter’s hair up in his Governor’s mansion. And then she breaks in during the festivities and finds a book of names and tallies (Help. I’m confused about this, all you The Walking Dead experts. Are these the names of people he has known who have become zombies? People he has killed? People he’s banged? People who have slighted him? Baby names? Favorite characters on Days of Our Lives?)

Michonne finds her sword and eventually escapes the Governor’s digs. She finds a pen of zombies behind the building and takes them all out, stepping on one unlucky walker’s noggin. Because Michonne is a BAMF, in case you hadn’t realized that yet. She has no other characterization yet, though, so. Anyway, Potential New Glenn catches her and turns her in to the Governor and she wants him to kick her out, but he doesn’t want to kick her out because he needs to keep his friends close and his enemies closer, so Michonne decides to talk Andrea into leaving with her. Andrea agrees, but reluctantly and mostly just to prove a point to Michonne. What point? I’m not sure. That they can leave any time they want? Was this just a ploy to get the Governor to notice her? Because it worked. Michonne ended up leaving the village and Andrea ended up on a hot, sexy gladiator fight date with the Governor.

Other notes:

  1. The zeros talked about what they should name Baby Girl Rick/Shane, and they mentioned the names of all the dead ladies in their caravan, except T-Dog! It was staring them right in the face! (Also, Merle is a lovely girl’s name)
  2. I can’t forget to mention the phone call that Rick received at the end of the episode. We don’t know who was on the other line, but I think it’s a safe bet to say it was a political robo-call.
  3. The fight in New Otherton Square was a lot like gladiator fights of yore in the Colosseum. Merle and New Glenn were the gladiators and the zombies were the lions, just there for added danger.
  4. That finding formula thing was really convenient, but the supply won’t last. How will the zeros take care of Baby T-Dog once the formula runs out?

What did you think?

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