The Walking Dead Recap - Sick

The Walking Dead Recap - Sick

The title of last night’s The Walking Dead, “Sick,” refers to the fact that all humans are infected with zombie-itis and can expect to become undead after they’ve died. But it also alludes to the notion that this was just a plain gross episode for many reasons.

Ooginess #1: Rick just stone cold killed some people.

Last night it became clear that The Walking Dead is trying to draw a not-so-subtle comparison between our zeroes taking over the prison and the Europeans taking land from the Native Americans. When Rick immediately started treating the abandoned prisoners with suspicion and animosity it kind of threw me. I’m not sure why, since living humans from different groups have always regarded one another the same way on this show. Herschel’s group didn’t like Rick’s group. Rick stone cold killed those random guys in the bar. Even our zeroes, when Rick first showed up, thought he might be the worst thing to ever happen to their group (if only they had known the truth — they were right!!!)

People hate people on this show.

And, I suppose, intellectually I get it. The zeroes have been wandering through the South, eating owls and not dog food, just trying to survive on limited resources. They don’t want to add more strain on their group. But now their group is down to, what, eight people? And, like, half of those people barely count as people (I’m looking at you, Beth). Wouldn’t our zeroes be looking to add muscle to the group or at least a couple strong bulls to help repopulate the planet (unless all babies born during the Zombocalypse are automatically zombies, in which case, Glenn was absolutely spot on when he went looking for condoms in the abandoned convenience store)?

But anyway, Rick meets the prisoners, who have been locked inside the prison cafeteria with no means of escape (even though it was freakishly easy for our zeroes to break in), and he immediately distrusts them. He’s pretty sure the only answer to the prisoner question is MURDER. These guys are barbarians, thugs. Let’s just take their food, lock them in up in a cell block/reservation, and pretend they never existed.

But first Rick and the zeroes have to get the prisoners to Cell Block Trail of Tears, and they have to kill (I believe the technical term is) a “butt load” of zombies with the help of the prisoners. They teach the prisoners the proper way to kill a zombie — “It’s the brains, you see. You have to hit them in the brains. No, no, lead singer of Color Me Badd. Hitting these guys in the stomach won’t do anything.” *Takes Color Me Badd’s hand and helps him with his axe form.* “The head, you see. The head.”

The prisoners were slow to learn, but eventually Color Me Badd figured it out real good and he wailed on his best friend Tiny, who had been scratched by a zombie, as if Tiny were a fly on his blue cotton candy. The prisoners and the zeroes watched in horror as Color Me Badd showed his new colors, and you just knew this mo-fo was not long for this world. And when he tossed an attacking walker on Rick, it was officially “on,” as they say. Rick just full-on took his machete and nailed Color Me Badd right in the head.

Now, I thought it was going to be one of those “fire somebody on your first day as boss” kind of things, like Rick just killed the guy to show he was Charles in Charge. But then he chased down the little guy who tried to run away and surrendered him to the zombies in cold blood. Why? What did that guy do? But Rick did let the two remaining prisoners, Not Tiny and Spin Doctors, live and locked them up, benevolently, in their new cell block.

Ooginess #2: Doctor Lo-Rent Jamie-Lee Curtis, Medicine Woman

Everyone made a GIGANTIC POINT of telling us that Herschel (at some point, we don’t know when, perhaps during nap time) taught JLC everything he knows about medicine. JLC was such a good student that she graduated from Herschel Medical School in about a minute. So even if Herschel dies, everyone will be fine because this weepy lady who can’t do anything will save the group! Yay! And to prove her dedication, she has Glenn kill a lady zombie so she can practice giving a C-section. So this is the beginning of The Walking Dead exploring the ethical question of performing scientific experiments on the walkers. (And there was somebody beyond the gates of the prison watching JLC from afar. Dun-duh!)

Ooginess #3: Everything Lori does

Lori saved Herschel! Yay! Now we can cart a one-legged man around the zombie world and have another mouth to feed! Yay! Lori talked to Rick about morality and whether or not he’s a good man because Lori is the high-water mark for morality in our group of zeroes! Actually, Lori didn’t really do anything TOO egregious last night, she just bugs me and she always will.

Odds and Ends

  • Somehow the Walking Dead Powers-That-Be have magically figured out pacing in their third season. Good on them. This was an exciting hour of television.
  • For the second week in a row, T-Dog got the honor of the first zombie kill. I just call this “making up for lost time.”
  • Methinks Beth is not long for this world. You don’t need two ladies crying “Daddy!” at Herschel.
  • I know they “explained” it, but I really had a hard time believing those murderers and thieves would sit in a cafeteria for 10 months without figuring out how to escape.
  • How pissed was Carl that his mom ruined his chance to zombie-kill dead Herschel? Now he’ll never love Lori again.

What did you think of this episode of The Walking Dead?

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