Fall TV Reviews: "Partners" on CBS

Fall TV Reviews: "Partners" on CBS

Partners, airing (for now) Mondays, 7:30c on CBS

Starring: Michael Urie of Ugly Betty, David Krumholtz of pretty much everything you’ve watched over the past 15 years, Brandon Routh of Superman, and Sophia Bush, formerly of Chad Michael Murray

The Deal: I think this is a sitcom? I mean, I can’t be sure because I didn’t laugh once. Either way, it’s the heartwarming story of four people trying to be Will & Grace. And failing. Miserably.

The Less Bad: Michael Urie, who is a welcome TV presence, is trying really hard here. To bad he has absolutely nothing to work with.

The Bad: The show is not even remotely funny. The only big laughs from the raucous CBS studio audience came any time somebody shouted out a Yiddish word. Any Yiddish word. Any word sounding even vaguely Yiddish that may have just been a random string of syllables. Brandon Routh, who proved he has comedic chops in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, is given absolutely nothing to do here aside from “look chiseled.” Sophia Bush is without talent and has a weird voice. But she can fill out a pair of pants, so…kudos?

Verdict: Skip it and find yourself a syndicated Will & Grace episode instead.

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