Fall TV 2012: What Do You Want From Me?

A little housekeeping today…

As we’ve done the past few years, John and I are going to be watching all the new pilots as they air this season. Just like regular folk, but with a blog and snarky opinions. So watch for those posts in the coming weeks and experience in real time two people slowly go crazy from exposure to crime procedurals and laugh tracks.

Also Breaking Bad is over and I need something to recap this season to keep the old recapping tools sharp. Which show would you like to see us cover on Hammervision?

Some Options:

  • Revenge
  • Homeland
  • Chicago Fire
  • The Walking Dead
  • ??? What other shows are there? These are literally the only TV dramas I can think of at the moment.

So, what say you? Which TV show would you like to see recapped on Hammervision? Which new show are you most excited about? The monkey one or the Modern Family rip-off one with the low rent Lucille Bluth rip-off grandmother?

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