Breaking Bad Recap - Buyout

Breaking Bad Recap - Buyout

Last night’s episode of Breaking Bad finally gave us a peek into what’s really going on in the mind of Walter White (at least, what we can assume is going on inside his mind, until his doctors find the brain tumor, remove it, and turn Heisenberg back into a mild-mannered chemistry teacher, obviously). Walt is still smarting over Gray Matter Technologies, the business he started with his friends in college which we first (and last) heard about back in Season 1.

Walt left Gray Matter over “personal reasons,” his words, and took a buyout for a mere $5000. The company went on to be worth $2.16 billion, give or take a million. And Walt got cancer and couldn’t pay for his treatments and had to start cooking meth and bought a hat and took down the drug kingpin in the ABQ and took down the drug lords in Mexico and stood by and watched Landry kill a kid and this is all because he took a buyout.

So, no, he will not be taking your buyout this time, Michael Ehrmantrout, you candy ass, thankyouverymuch.

Last week’s train robbery episode was really the catalyst to this week’s reversal. Before the very end of last week’s episode, things were going quite well for Heisenberg and Company. They managed to get a butt load of methylamine off the train, Gus was still dead, and then they were going to be the Three Kings of Methamphetamine in the Southwest.

Oh, but then Landry shot that kid. And suddenly things weren’t all neat and tidy.

Now they have a dead body and bike and a scorpion* and they’re going to have to keep Landry in the fold or kill him or pay him and Walt doesn’t want to give away any more money and they’re running out of barrels in which to hide bodies and Jesse is still getting all “conscious-y” about killing kids, which is just…remember who you are, Jesse. You’re a meth kingpin now. These things happen. Oh, and Mike has grown a DEA-shaped tail.

So all of these things add up to Mike wanting to leave the fold and sell his share of the methylamine. And once there’s a dead kid involved, it’s easy for him to get Jesse on board. All who remains is Walt, who would rather nearly burn his wrist off (his precious meth making wrist!) than sell his share of the chemical. And without Walt’s share, there is no deal. The Arizona meth makers want the blue stuff off the market. And everything has turned into one giant shit storm.

Except. Walt has an idea! An idea where “everybody wins!” Stick around for Small Town Security and then wait some more until next Sunday night to find out what it is!

Elsewhere in Heisenbergland, Skyler really needs to stop talking about the safety of her children to Marie. Because that just sounds weird. Why should they be afraid of their mild-mannered, cancer ridden, gambling addicted, cuckolded father? I mean, that’s just ridiculous, and it’s going to make a savvy gal like Marie suspicious. Which is why, when all is said and done, Marie is going to be the one to discover the Heisenberg connection. Accidentally. While she’s having sex with (or dreaming of having sex with) Ted Beneke. Mark it down.

Other bits:

  • Landry kept the tarantula, which leads me to believe that Landry is one sick bastard. He ain’t right, is all.
  • The disassembling and destroying of the bike was a stroke of genius. They can’t show Team Heisenberg cutting up a child and dousing him with hydrofluoric acid. But they can show them doing the same thing to a bike. It was gross and methodical and disturbing and the deadpan look on Mike’s face the entire time was brilliant.
  • Now that Jesse and Mike are “out,” or have at least made their willingness to be “out” known, Walt is going to turn to Landry as his new confidant. They are a match made in drug heaven. A psychopathic, child endangering, meth making duo! They’ll take over the world!
  • Jesse’s nickname for Landry: Ricky Hitler, which is just…what?
  • I really wish AMC hadn’t pixelated the note Mike left for Steve. Now we’ll never know what it said and it could have held important information. I’ve been trying to work it out all night. “Fork you?” “For you?” “Flax you?” Is he trying to tell Steve about the importance of Omega-3 fatty acids? I guess we’ll have to wait for the Season 5 DVDs to find out.
  • What do you think Mike heard while listening to Hank’s conversations in fast forward? “Paul is dead?”
  • Marie mentions that she wants to keep Holly and strangle Junior. Foreshadowing?
  • Walt whistling in the meth lab while Jesse prepares to leave is evidence (to me, anyway) that the brain tumor theory is still in play. A child has just died, and he’s whistling while he works. And you know he was lying about his sleepless nights. The man may be trying to make up for losing out on billions, but that doesn’t mean he’s not still sick in the head. Physiologically.
  • That dinner scene with Jesse, Walt, and Skyler should be nominated for all the Emmys. Maybe even all the Oscars.
  • Jesse has done a lot of deep thinking about frozen dinners. “Hell yeah, I’m stoked for this lasagna.”
  • Lots of great lines by Mike, as always. “I’ve never seen anybody work harder not to get $5 million.”
  • In the end, Saul got the DEA off of Mike’s ass for a minute, but now he’s given Hank a hard on for Mike of “Uncle Miltie proportions.” Shouldn’t we be looking to find a new Milton Berle, you know, for the younger generation? I hear Jason Priestley’s in the running.

What did you think of “Buyout?” What is Walt’s “plan?” And what would you have done? Would you have taken Mike’s buyout or would you have continued your meth making, kid killing ways? If so, you might have a brain tumor.

*For the record, I always knew it was a tarantula. But scorpions are cooler.

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