'Breaking Bad' Recap: Madrigal

'Breaking Bad' Recap: Madrigal

I don’t know if I can take much more of this. And by “this” I mean “Walter White feathering soft, pecking kisses on his wife’s shoulder.” The Creepy-Touch-O-Meter brought me awfully close to the “Productive Gag” zone, and I’m afraid that if this trend continues, I’ll be cleaning vomit from between my laptop keys next week.

But, thankfully, the Whites’ marital bed was only a small part of last night’s episode, despite the fact that Skyler spent her entire screen time in it. Last night was barely about the Whites. Last night was the Mike Show.

Like The Simpsons abandoning its central family to focus on Moe or Chief Wiggum for an episode, the Breaking Bad powers-that-be took us through a day in the life of Mike. It looks a lot like your day, except with more guns, more blood, more pastel Hungry-Hungry Hippos.

Mike has maintained a certain level of discipline in his professional life as a professional. He’s carefully vetted every single person he’s worked with. He’s always stayed sixteen steps ahead of everyone else. He’s cautious and he’s a planner. He’s the anti-Walter, which is why he’s leery of joining forces with Team Frak-Up (better known as Jesse and Walt).

But now that Gus is gone, the cracks in the facade are starting to show. Their guy at Madrigal killed himself in spectacular fashion, and now the company is launching a full scale investigation to weed out any other unsavory employees. Lydia, who, as far as I can tell right now, is Gus Fring’s chemical getter girl, is asking Mike to do away with all of their loose ends, i.e. the list of 11 names that could eventually bring them down. Mike is pulled into DEA HQ and is questioned by Hank, who appears to have more information than Mike anticipated. Plus Hank knows where the money is, and the money is in a bank account under the name “Kylee Ehrmantrout,” AKA Mike’s 10-year-old granddaughter, AKA a known hungry hippo smuggler.

With all these things not going his way, Mike smells a rat when Chow, one of the 11, calls him and invites him over for a chat. And it’s a good thing Mike’s nose works so well, because a rat is inside Chow’s house pointing his gun at the peephole in the door. Mike figures it out, questions Chris the gun guy, and finds out that Lydia offered him 10K a head for killing the 11 folks on the list. Mike hears this and immediately kills Chris. Ka-CHING!

He goes to Lydia’s house to do her in, but something (Was it an attack of conscience? Or did Lydia’s pleading that her body be found so that her daughter can have closure remind him of his relationship with his granddaughter? Did he suddenly realize that all the money he made for Kylee while working for Gus is going to be lost to the DEA? Does he have plans to join Walter and Jesse only to later strike a deal with the DEA?), whatever it is, something causes him to change his mind, and he asks Lydia if she can still get chemicals (i.e. the one chemical Walt and Jesse are lacking) instead of killing her. And that was a long, dragged out sentence.

Other Stuff:

  • Walter and Jesse “find” the “poisoned cigarette” inside Jesse’s Roomba.
  • The “poisoned cigarette” was filled with table salt instead of ricin.
  • The vial of ricin from the real poisoned cigarette is behind the face plate of an electrical outlet in Walt’s bedroom. I’m sure we’ll see it again. Probably something having to do with Junior, I’m guessing.
  • I want to buy a Roomba now. Good product placement, Breaking Bad. Success!
  • The Whites were at the breakfast table again today. But Skyler wasn’t there. Trouble in paradise!

What did you think of “Madrigal” and Mike’s motivation? Is he joining Walter and Jesse because he wants to be a drug kingpin or because of self-preservation or revenge? Or is it just because this is what he’s good at and he doesn’t want to look for another job right now because the economy’s so bad?

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