I'll Never Let You Go: Clothes I Just Can't Part With

Yesterday Baby Cookies got into my dresser and found a beautiful sparkly coral shirt that I wore often in my 20s. It was my “all-occasions” sparkly shirt and subsequent pregnancies and body changes have rendered it obsolete. But I hold onto hope that SOMEDAY, maybe with the help of Fat Club, I will fit into that shirt again. At the very least, Cookies can wear it around the house as a dress, whose plunging neckline would make J-Lo blush.

It made me think, what other articles of clothing am I holding on to against better judgment? There are the skinny jeans, the ones I wore during freshman year of college and NEVER AGAIN. And then there are the gems in this gallery.

My retaining these things is part nostalgia, part delusion, and part wanting to have an awesome cache of horrible ’90s clothes for my kids to mess around in when they get older. I think those are all noble causes.

Which articles of clothing are you hanging on to?

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