How Are Your New Year's Resolutions Doing? - 6 Month Check-Up

I had a lot of lofty goals for the new year.

  • I was going to lose the baby weight.
  • I was going to get an literary agent.
  • I was going to start running.

Here’s how I’m doing:

  • If you haven’t lost the baby weight by the time the kid is 9 months old? FUNNY! Cute, even! If you haven’t lost it by the time the kid’s walking and talking and giving you the side eye and going to college? Sad. So I joined Fat Club (First Rule of Fat Club: Never talk about Fat Club on the internet unless you are getting paid to talk about Fat Club). I am recording my food intake and following the rules and trying not to excavate my scale from its hiding place under the bathroom sink. I have my first weigh-in on Friday, so we’ll see how this is going.
  • I’ve sent a lot of queries, and I’ve gotten a lot of rejections. But some of them have been personal! That’s almost as good as an acceptance, really. It’s funny how your POV changes as you go through the querying process. Initially, I scoffed at form rejections, like it was some kind of insult. Now I’m like, “A FORM REJECTION? Why, you have made my day, anonymous reader at said agency! Author thanks you!”
  • I did some running earlier this year. Then I hurt my foot and stopped. Then I got a bad cold and stopped again. Now Nike+ is revamping it’s website, so I’m going to RESTART for REAL on June 1. Oh, is that Friday? Shit.

But, despite the lack of measurable success, I’m further along with these goals than I would’ve been if I’d never made them. So there, 2011 me!

How are you doing? Are your New Year’s Resolutions a thing of the past, or are you still going strong?


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  • That's funny, I wrote about this topic today too. I want to start looking for a literary agent. Maybe we could talk so I can pick your brain. Check out my blog.’s-june-1st-lets-review-2012/

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