The Hunger Games Review: Should You See It?

The Hunger Games Review: Should You See It?

I have made no secret of my Hunger Games super-fandom or my status as card carrying member of Team Peeta (Everyone on Team Gale is high on tracker jacker venom). But one thing I don’t often mention amidst my 140-character SQUEEds on Twitter is that I don’t think the books are perfect. The books are told from Katniss’s perspective only, and she is often drugged or injured or out-of-the-loop in some way. Also, she totally doubts Peeta’s love for her, which is just, schwa? How can she doubt Peeta’s love for her? (Sorry about my Peeta ramblings. The love story in this book/movie comprises just a fraction of the action. The Hunger Games is about so much more than a baker boy’s love for a rough girl from the Seam. No matter how adorable that baker boy is.)

The film version of The Hunger Games is a great companion to the book because it tries to rectify the book’s two main problems. In the movie, we get to see what’s going on behind the scenes in Seneca Crane’s technological playground. We are privy to President Snow’s thoughts and what Haymitch is up to during the Games. I am hoping the extra points of view will carry over into the next three movies. That will help fill up all of the gaping holes in Mockingjay.

As far as Peeta goes, the film presents him as a savvy player in games of hunger, and it makes sense (somewhat) that Katniss would doubt his feelings for her. And I pretty much loved every single scene between J-Hutch and J-Law.

Other things I loved:

  • Effie standing out like a parrot snowstorm amidst the desolation of District 12.
  • Stanley motherfrakking Tucci.
  • Pretty much every second of the entire movie.

Thing I did not love: Any manufactured longing looks at Gale. Gale is a Triscuit compared to Peeta’s six-tiered wedding cake.
Verdict: If you’ve read the books, SEE IT. If you haven’t read the books (Why haven’t you read the books? Read the books, damnit), SEE IT.
Have you seen it? What did you think?

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