From Zombies to Others: Everyone on The Walking Dead = Everyone on LOST

From Zombies to Others: Everyone on The Walking Dead = Everyone on LOST

The Walking Dead is like LOST’s more boring alternative reality.  Here’s the list of who’s who (now with explanations!)

Rick = Jack: Both men have hero complexes.  Both men want to solve all the problems all the time.  Both men want to get with the “Kate.”

Lori = Kate: Both are brunettes who are caught in secret love triangles and are going to have to deal with a baby sooner or later.  Also, both have some pretty big SECRETS.

Daryl = Sawyer: Both men are hotheaded southerners, each one haunted by an unsavory male character from his past.

Glenn =  Hurley/Charlie: The comic relief.  Glenn’s the one guy on The Walking Dead who might make you shed a tear if he got zombie eaten.  Also, he’s the one guy willing to volunteer for any task at hand.

Dale = Rose: Wise old person and calming presence who sticks his nose into everyone’s business and spends most of his time back at the camp staring off into the distance.

Low Rent Jamie Lee Curtis = Sun: But Low Rent JLC is only early in Season 1 Sun, the Sun who (we thought) only knew how to be a devoted wife and plant a garden.  Low Rent JLC has none of the badassery of the Sun of later seasons.

Shane = Locke with a little Sayid mixed in = Shane is constantly at odds with the Jack of the group.  And he’s prone to violence.

Otis = Boone/Arzt: He was only introduced for two episodes as cannon fodder, plus he looked more like Arzt, BUT his secret death on a private quest with “Locke” is all Boone.

T-Dawg = Michael: T-Dawg is often forgotten about, just like Michael.  He has to work to make his presence known.  And he has dreams of leaving the group for his own selfish reasons.

Dr. Edwin Jenner = Desmond: The secret hatch men, living alone with a machine.  Too bad The Walking Dead Desmond got dead.  We need a new one.

Carl = Walt: They’re both kids.  They both have a special bond with the Locke of the group.

Dr. Hershel = Ben Linus: They’re both erudite Others with secret lairs used for human (or ex-human) experimentation.

Maggie = Juliet: Each woman is trying to escape her own personal Ben Linus.

Morgan Jones and Son = The Tailies

Sophia = Vincent: Both lost in the forest.  The Walking Dead will probably end  with (LOST spoiler) Sophia licking a dying Rick’s face before lying down beside him.

Andrea = Nikki and Paulo: You know why.


Anyone else I can add?  Is there a Jin?  A Claire?  A Charles Whitmore?  Let me know in the comments and I’ll expand the list.

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