Good News/Bad News - NBC's "Whitney"

Good News/Bad News - NBC's "Whitney"

Whitney is holding down the fort in 30 Rock‘s 8:30 PM slot on Thursdays.

The Good: Whitney is another female-led new comedy, a la 2 Broke Girls (co-created by Whitney Cummings of Whitney fame) and The New Girl.

The Bad: Its premise seems to be, “Hi, I’m Whitney. I don’t want to get married, so I make fun of weddings and marriage.  But maybe I do want to get married.  Oh wait.  No, I don’t.”  I feel like this is going to be the weekly story line.

The Good: Whitney and the guy who plays her boyfriend (someone who is not Fisher Stevens) are competent and watchable.

The Bad: Like Cheers, this show was filmed before a live studio audience, so the show has more of a parody-of-a-sitcom feel to it.

The Good: Whitney is a career woman whose biggest identifier is not her relationship.

The Bad: She has her friends to fill the roles of “woman looking to get married” and “bitter old divorced crone.”

The Good: Jonathan from 30 Rock!

The Bad: The horny cop, who has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.  This character is basically a new spin on the horny grandma meme.

The Good: Jokes about Daniel Day Lewis.

The Bad: The jokes about female body hair.  From Grace Adler to Marge Simpson, sitcom women are basically Sasquatches.  Besides, you will not best Liz Lemon and Tom, Whitney.  You will not.

The Verdict: It’s better than Outsourced, so there’s that.  But to make everyone (read: me) happy, NBC should just move this guy over to Wednesday night to tandem with Hank Azaria and plop Up All Night into Whitney’s spot so it has a chance to find an audience.  But then what happens when 30 Rock comes back?  And this, my friends, is why I’m not a TV programmer.  #studioheadproblems

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  • Wasn't around for it last night, but

    I wonder about live audience, if, as in the pictures and some promos, much of it is set in the washroom. The only time Cheers was so set was when Carla was playing plumber.

    With regard to timing, I'm surprised that something is being plopped into 30 Rock's time slot until 30 Rock returns. That really has to confuse the viewers, and certainly implies that something isn't going to survive into November.

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